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What is Involved with a Pediatric Cleaning and Series of X-Rays?

A pediatric cleaning is done on children of all ages, even infants who come into the office. The cleaning involves removing built-up calculus and tartar from the teeth and polishing the child's smile to a high shine. Fluoride treatment is also often done at this visit, as it helps to strengthen the teeth and prevent cavities. X-rays are crucial in determining what's going on below the surface of the teeth that may go undetected if radiographs weren't taken.

Why are Pediatric Cleanings and X-Rays Important?

is important that children have regular cleanings and x-rays because it will help to maintain a healthy, full smile. Some of the reasons this is so important include:
• Cleanings remove buildup from your child's teeth, preventing cavities and gum inflammation
• X-rays help diagnose problems that would otherwise go undetected
• Pediatric x-rays are crucial in monitoring the development and growth of your child's smile.

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pediatric teeth cleaning and and x-rays in lafayette

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