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What Happens When a Child Gets a Filling?

Many parents worry if their kids must get a filling due to cavities. Going to a compassionate and highly trained pediatric dentist can ease those common concerns.

Although no parent wants their child to have to undergo any dental procedure that might frighten them or cause discomfort, leaving a small cavity go can mean more extensive dental work later. A delay in dental care will also increase both the time that the dental work will take and the overall costs.

What Type of Medication Can Be Used for Anxiety Regarding Fillings?

Like adults, most children fear anything that is unknown to them. Our pediatric dentist has years of experience in dealing with younger children and teens, and your child will get the time and necessary attention that they need to feel comfortable about the process prior to the start of the procedure.

The dentist will apply numbing topical medication and deeper numbing injections to prevent discomfort and pain. If needed, the dentist will also administer oral/conscious sedation via a gas that is inhaled through a simple oxygen mask. This also relaxes the patient easing any fears.

What Type of Filling Will My Child Get?

A dental filling is typically crafted out of a composite resin material. This is usually shaded to match the color of the person’s natural teeth making the filling less noticeable. In decades past, fillings for back teeth were often made from stronger and harder metal materials that were noticeable. Due to recent advances in dental care, the newer dental filling composites are stronger and can be just as effective than the less desirable older filling materials according to our pediatric dentist.

What Happens When a Child Gets a Filling?

Most children need fillings due to dental cavities which rot away the tooth. This is a simple procedure usually completed in one session. Less tooth has to be removed and finer dental equipment makes the process faster and less uncomfortable. Our pediatric dentist will also teach the child about how to avoid cavities in the future.

If you think your child needs a filling or other dental care, call our dental office near you today. One of our helpful staff members will be happy to assist you.

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